Jao Sao Yuen Nueng (2022)

Jao Sao Yuen Nueng (2022)

The owner of Nisa Beauty Clinic, Khun Nisa, is a person who often hires popular beautiful women as presenters of the clinic. One day, on the wedding day of a beautiful woman, An Chan, her boyfriend ran away and cheated her of 500,000 baht. That’s how Khun Nisa offered Anchan, who became famous, to be a presenter At the same time, a money-hungry daughter-in-law, Fa Sai, who wanted to catch her son Ma Win without Khun Nisa’s consent, came up to the house stubbornly, holding her son by the hand. Khun Nisa forced An Chan to pretend to be Ma Win’s lover in order to expel Fa Sai. Is it possible for an uncle to save his daughter-in-law like hell? It’s just a romantic comedy story where you have to see if you fall in love with Ma Win while pretending

Other Name: เจ้าสาวยืนหนึ่ง

Released: Sep. 05, 2022





Cast: N/A

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